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Types and raw materials of activated carbon?

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According to the shape, activated carbon is usually divided into two categories: powder and granular。 Granular activated carbon is cylindrical, spherical, hollow cylindrical and hollow spherical, and the function of irregular broken activated carbon. In recent years, the active carbon of brazing dimension has also appeared. In addition, it can also be classified according to its use, such as decolorizing carbon, water treating charcoal, gas adsorbing charcoal, absorbing iodine charcoal, desulfurizing charcoal, gas mask charcoal, solvent recovery charcoal and other kinds of activated carbon.

Active carbon has a wide range of raw materials。 Generally speaking, it can be divided into two categories: mineral and plant。 Mineral raw materials include anthracite, semi anthracite, bituminous coal, brown smoke, peat and petroleum residue。 Botanical raw materials include charcoal, sawdust, coconut shell, peach shell, apricot shell and other industrial wastes。 In addition, animal bones, blood, pig manure and so on can be used as raw materials。

As far as the world is concerned, the main raw materials used for active carbon are coal, husk and wood. Because of the variety of coal, abundant resources, stable raw materials and stable medium, many countries use their coal to make activated carbon.

Some important varieties in China also use coal as raw materials, such as granular activated carbon for respirators and spherical activated carbons. Wood activated carbon also accounts for a large proportion, and shell has developed in recent years. The production of activated carbon from petroleum residue as raw material is being developed in the past three or four years. With the development of paper industry, pulp waste liquid will be used as raw material of activated carbon in the future.

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