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Success case

  • Hefei chemical plant
    Hefei chemical plant
    Customer evaluation: our company has customized a batch of chemical activated carbon in the same department. Compared with the active carbon supplied by previous manufacturers, the quality of the products of the same family is much better. All their products are certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, QS and other national institutions, and their quality is trustworthy. We will continue to cooperate with the same department!
  • Lu"an large hospital
    Lu"an large hospital
    Customer evaluation: the largest characteristic of medicinal activated carbon of the same family is fast decolorization speed, strong adsorption capacity, developed pore structure, large pore and so on. It can effectively adsorb the pigment in the medicine water, and reduce the impurity of the medicine water, without affecting the concentration and drug of other ingredients of the drug. We have been cooperative for more than 5 years. Continue to cooperate!
  • Food processing plant
    Food processing plant
    Customer evaluation: I am a friend to introduce the boss of the same family activated charcoal Chen, Chen boss for people and real, doing very good faith, and his cooperation we are very relieved, their home of good quality of activated carbon, there are more than 70 products and form a series, to meet the needs of our diversification, one station purchase is very convenient, after sale, after sale, after sale, after sale The service is very good, and we are satisfied.
  • Sewage treatment plant
    Sewage treatment plant
    Customer evaluation: we have been working with Tong Ke Active Carbon Co., Ltd. for many years. It is mainly used in sewage treatment. It can deodorizing, decolorizing and effectively removing the harmful substances in the water.
  • Miss Liu"s family with aldehyde
    Customer evaluation: home new decoration, the taste is great, this time bought 4 cases of carbon bag, feel should be enough, the same department active carbon effect is good, before also bought other brands, the effect is not very ideal, now we are full of the same family with the family, the main his home also has formaldehyde tester, and he can test over the standard It is very convenient not to exceed the standard.
  • Ms. Li, Ji"nan"s leading show
    Ms. Li, Ji"nan"s leading show
    Customer evaluation: tap water is afraid of residual chlorine, specially bought a, after loading the feeling of good water, the water comes out of a lot of small bubbles, after a period of time water is clear. Call the master immediately come after installation, about an hour it was finished, the master service especially awesome, installed after the health is he engaged, wouldn"t take a drink, enjoy the first brand of quality service, my heart like a point!
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